We cover a full spectrum of physio services

Back & Neck Pain

Hands-on treatment using joint mobilization, soft tissue release, exercise and education on correct ergonomics and posture.

Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries aimed at returning you to your sport or activity as soon as possible through a variety of treatment modalities including soft tissue release, joint mobilization, strapping, dry needling and exercise.


Rehabilitation and return to activity after orthopaedic injuries such as bone fractures, tendon and ligament injuries or tears, muscular strains and joint dislocations.

Pre & Post Op Rehab

Exercise, joint and soft tissue treatments to prepare you for surgery, as well as prepare for the rehabilitation which will continue following surgery. Being strong and well prepared for surgery has been shown to have better outcomes post-surgery.

Chest Conditions

Manual chest physio to aid in clearing excess secretions associated with pneumonia, bronchitis and  emphysema. Improve breathing ability and capacity in asthma and post illness or mechanical ventilation.

Dry Needling

Effective treatment of pain and dysfunction through release of trigger points / knots in muscle tissue.


Protection of joints, muscles and ligaments, as well as facilitation of healing using a variety of strapping types and techniques. Pre-event / competition strapping also offered.


The use of a variety of electrotherapy modalities to reduce pain, facilitate healing and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation process.